Saturday, 13 August 2011

Can't wait for Kensington!

I'm enjoying making new bears to take to the Hugglets bear fair in September. Here are some of the bears I am working on.
Girls in hats.  Left is Elizabeth.  She is 6" tall and is made from pale beige mohair with matching pawpads.  She has black glass eyes, a black embroidered nose and is wearing a blue velvet hat.  SOLD
Right is Tamara-  SOLD
New! Mabledon Road Bears Gardening Club. A range of chunky 6 inch bears with a gardening theme. They are named after TV gardeners and I just hope the people in question won't mind!

Monty and his sun flower.  Monty is 6" tall and is made from a dense mohair in a gingery-brown colour with toning pawpads.  Monty is looking up at his sunflower as if he can't believe it's grown so tall! SOLD

Carol and her roses.  Carol is made from cream mohair with matching pawpads that have been machine embroidered with flowers.  She also has her own flower pot full of pale pink roses which match her embroidered nose.   £48   SOLD

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