Thursday, 20 October 2011

Meet the Witches!  Left is Ena Sharpspell. She is 6"(15cms) tall and made from mohair with matching suedette paw pads,  black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose. Ena has her own broomstick and black felt witches hat.   £48  SOLD

Centre is Martha Wrongbroom. Martha is 4.5" (11cms) tall and is made from sparse brown mohair with brown suedette footpads, black glass eyes and a brown embroidered nose. Martha also has her witches hat and is holding her yard broom- hence her name- Wrongbroom!   £42    SOLD

Right is Minnie Coldsnap. Minnie is made from very sparse mohair in yellow with soft orange coloured footpads and is 4.25" (10.5cms) tall. She has black glass eyes and a worn looking embroidered nose. Like the others Minnie also has her broomstick and hat.   £40    SOLD

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