Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year to everyone reading this- already one week into the new year, how time flies!!  Below are the first bears of 2012, hopefully the first of many.
This is Gertie. She is 6.25" (15.5cms) tall and is made of very short bristly mohair in a soft pink colour. She has been carefully aged and has black glass eyes and a worn looking brown embroidered nose. Gertie wears a lace shawl around her shoulders held together with a safety pin.  Poor old girl she's just waiting for a new home!  £45   SOLD

Barley is 6" (15cms) tall and made from two different types of gold coloured mohair. His arms, legs and head are made from a soft velvety short pile and his body from a longer, tousled mohair in the same colour. He has black glass eyes, a black embroidered nose and has careful shading to his face. Barley is completed with a gold bell around his neck.  £45    

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