Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Bears For Hugglets

Only just over a week to go until the big Hugglets show in Kensington,London.
Below are 3 more bears (well 2 bears and a rabbit!) all ready for this show.
This is Sam. He is 9.5" (29cms) tall and is made of mohair in a golden /grey shade (difficult colour to describe!) He has black glass eyes, a grey hand embroidered nose and subtle grey highlights on his face.  Sam's pawpads and footpads have been machine embroidered.    £65   SOLD
Here is Bliss having a soak in the bath! Bliss is a 6" (15cms) bear made of very sparse brown mohair on a golden yellow backing.  She has black glass eyes and a worn looking hand embroidered nose.  Her green sparkly bath is 4.5" (12cms) long with brass coloured feet.  She has loads of bubbles, a white bath towel and a box of her favourite chocolates which she has been tucking into!   £45   SOLD
Meet Little Bob.  He is the smallest rabbit I have made at just over 5" tall (12.5cms) to the top of his head and 7" to the top of his ears.  Little Bob is made from light brown mohair with toning footpads and ears.  He has black glass eyes, a little pink nose and tiny whiskers.    £42    SOLD

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