Saturday, 11 August 2012

New Bears For Hugglets

This is Buddy. He is 8 "(20cm) tall and made from grey/brown mohair on a lighter brown backing with toning paw pads. Buddy has a brown embroidered nose and black glass eyes and around his neck he has an old key on a black thread.   


My latest little doggy is called Mack. He is 5"(12.5cm) tall to the tip of his ears and 4"(10)cm long from his nose to the end of his stubby little tail. He is made from white felted effect mohair with light brown tail, eye patch and one ear! His ears are wired so they can be pricked up or folded forward. Mack has a black embroidered nose and dark brown glass eyes. He wears a red stripy collar with a silver coloured tag in the shape of a bone.  

Mack and Buddy will both be available at the Hugglets Teddies 2012 show in Kensington on September 9th - see Fair Dates page for more information.

Sorry Mack is sold!

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