Friday, 7 December 2012

Old Bears

I have recently been trying to perfect small 5" (13cm) old looking bears. My inspiration for this challenge was the recent poppy day parades.  I started with a piece of mohair that I  "dirtied" and then made up the bears with loose joints so that when they are picked up, their legs and arms swing down. I trimmed the fur pile off in the usual wear places i.e. back of the head, toes and hands and gave them worn looking noses.
I had already found some very narrow red, white and blue striped ribbon which was just right to hang medals from - and this has been my sticking point as I couldn't think how to make the medals!!

I was looking for little silver discs but couldn't find anything ready made in the right size.
 In the end I cut tiny circles of plastic sheet, using a hole punch and painted them silver! Then came the fiddly part - trying to make a loop at the top of the discs to thread the ribbon through. One packet of fuse wire later I finally succeeded.  I'm hoping to think up an easier way to make this loop next time!!

I'm just putting the final touches to the two "old" boys now and will be posting a picture as soon as they are finished.

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