Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bears and Tennis!

I have just watched Andy Murray win his quarter final round at Wimbledon - he sure knows how to frighten people, I was almost hiding behind the sofa too scared to watch!! I hope his next match is not so exciting as I don't think I could stand it!!!!

Luckily I had finished these bears before the match otherwise my stitching might have been a bit's hard to sew whilst holding your breath!

This bear is 10" (25 cm) tall and named Sophie. She is made from long pile mohair in a very soft pink colour with brown tips and her paw pads are made from the reverse side of the mohair backing. She has a trimmed muzzle, black glass eyes and a dark brown hand stitched nose and mouth.

Sorry Sophie is sold

                                                          Bears in Onesies

These little bears look like they are wearing their onesies and are ready for a bears night in!
The bear in the leopard print is 4.75" (12cm) tall and called Coco Pop. His head, arms and feet are made from very sparse, spiky yellow mohair and his body from printed viscose. He has black glass eyes and a worn looking, hand stitched black nose and is very loosely jointed.     Sorry Coco Pop is now SOLD

This little bear is made from yellow matted look mohair with head,arms and feet made from golden brown sassy fabric. He is 4.5" (11cm) tall and has black glass eyes with  black hand stitched nose and claws. The finishing touch is two tiny buttons to the front of his sleeveless onesie. He is called Cornflake and has weighted feet so he will stand unaided.

These bears and more will be available at The Essex Artist Bear Fair to be held in Waltham Abbey, Essex next Sunday July 14th.  See Fair Dates Page for full address and opening times.

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