Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New For Hugglets

These are my latest creations all ready for the great Teddies 2013 show on 8th September.

This is Redford. This colourful little bear is made from bright red hand dyed silk with the natural colour used for his head, hands and feet. He has beige felt paw pads, black glass eyes and a dark brown embroidered nose. He is 6.75" (17cm) tall and is wearing a vintage ribbon frill around his neck.

Sorry Redford is sold


 This little chap is called Bennett and he is 4.75" (12cm) tall, He is made from very light brown sparse, distressed mohair and has black glass eyes , beige felt foot pads and a worn looking embroidered nose. Bennett is wearing his medal ribbon pinned to his chest with a safety pin!

 Scully is a really scruffy worn out looking little bear! He is 4.25" (10.5cm) tall and made from light gingery brown mohair which I have aged and distressed to make him look old and well loved. Scully has black glass eyes, machine embroidered felt footpads and a worn looking nose.  Sorry Scully is now SOLD

 Ruby is made from dark red mohair - a little darker than it looks in this photo - with matching machine embroidered red felt foot pads. She has black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose. Ruby is 4.5" (11cm) tall.    Sorry Ruby is now SOLD

 Little Alfie is another silk bear in a lovely creamy colour. He has toning felt foot pads which I have machine embroidered, black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose. Alfie is 4.75" (12cm) tall.

Sorry Alfie is sold

And lastly, this is Stilton. He is 6.5" (16cm) tall and is made from light brown tufted mohair on a darker brown backing fabric which shows on his trimmed muzzle. He has black glass eyes, a black embroidered nose and dark brown leather look fabric paw pads.

There is still 3 weeks until the Hugglets show so hopefully there will time to make a few more bears?

Watch this space!!

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