Wednesday, 4 September 2013


 Here in Kent we are revelling in the last of the very hot sunshiney days - well most of us anyway except me! I'm a right old misery guts in the hot weather, it was 27 degrees today and could reach 29 or even 30 tomorrow and that's much too hot for me!! But relief is on the way as we have been promised heavy rain for Friday with a 10 degree temperature drop!!!  Bet we'll notice that - it will be much nicer!!  Better get the winter woollies out now!!!

 The children have gone back to school this week after their long summer break and most of the fields have been harvested and all this means that autumn is definitely just around the corner!

With harvesting and autumn in mind this is my latest bear called appropriately enough... Harvest!

He is the colour of ripe corn and is made from golden yellow long curly mohair with darker gold paw pads.
Harvest is 12.5" (31cm) tall and has big black "take me home" eyes, a shaved muzzle and a dark brown embroidered nose. As well as being another big bear, Harvest also has bent legs, giving him a slouchy hunched look, although he is solidly filled!

Harvest will be gracing my table at the Hugglets Teddies 2013 show this Sunday. For more details on this show just click on the Hugglets link on the right of this page.

See you all on Sunday!!        Harvest is available now from The Bear Shop, Norwich

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