Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Cotton Shopping Bags!

I will have a new range of cotton shopping bags at the Teddies 2013 show this weekend.  We are all trying to be a bit greener and use less plastic carrier bags at the supermarket and these bags fit the bill perfectly as they are lightweight and re-usable and very "green". They also come with their own little matching pocket which they fold into making them even smaller and easier to carry to the shops!

They measure approximately 14" (35cm) tall plus handles which are 6.5" (16cm)
10" ( 25cm) wide and 4.74" (12cm) deep.

I have various designs including pink leaves and dogs which are both pictured above, birds, butterflies and a London street map.

All these fabrics are cotton and so should be quite hard wearing. They come folded into their own little pocket so they will fit comfortably into a handbag, another shopping bag or even a coat pocket!

Her are a couple of the bags with the three in front shown in their little pockets.
When folded into the pocket they measure just 4.5" (11cm) tall, 3.5" (9cm) wide and 1" (2.5cm) deep.

As yet I have been unable to find a suitable fabric with a teddy bear print but I will keep on looking and hopefully I will find some soon!!  Watch this space........

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