Sunday, 10 November 2013

3 More Bears

Three more bears are finished and ready to appear at The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event next weekend. Here are Oliver. Eve and Enzo.

Firstly this Oliver. He is 9.5" (24cm) tall and is very similar to Rhys (they must be brothers...) with the same white inset muzzle but he is made from a darker gingery brown mohair. Oliver has dark brown felt paw pads, a dark brown embroidered nose and smoky brown glass eyes.  Sorry Oliver is SOLD

This photo shows Oliver on the left and his brother Rhys.  Sorry Rhys is now SOLD

This handsome fellow is Enzo and he is 9.25" (23cm) tall, this first photo shows a close up view of his face.

Enzo is made from short straight pile black mohair and he also has a white inset muzzle like Oliver and Rhys.  Enzo has black suedette paw pads, smoky brown glass eyes and a dark brown embroidered nose.
                                       Sorry Enzo is SOLD

And lastly - for now anyway - this is little Eve...

Eve is only 4.5" (11cm) tall up to the tips of her furry ears!  She is made from straight short pile mohair/silk mix in a very pale blush pink colour.  Eve has off white felt paw pads, tiny black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose.

Oliver, Enzo and Eve are all looking for new homes and are practising their best smiles in the hope that someone will want to adopt them next Sunday!!      Sorry Eve is now SOLD


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