Sunday, 26 January 2014


This is Stanley and he's Teddy Eddy's bestest friend!

Stanley is made of very sparse mohair which I have hand dyed dark brown - the backing dyed very well but the furry pile didn't!! It gives a very unusual effect with the mohair pile almost white against the dark brown backing - he almost looks like a hedgehog don't you think?

Stanley is 8" (20cm) tall and has black glass eyes and an old, worn looking embroidered black nose. His paw pads are made from the mohair backing fabric and he has "mending" stitches on his tummy and left foot pad.

....and here is Stanley with his best pal Teddy Eddy!

They will both be going to the Hugglets Winter Bearfest on 23rd February - so not long to wait now!

Check my Fair Dates page for more details and for even more information on this super event just click on the Hugglets link on the right.

See you there...

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