Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Clown Bear!

I promise this is the last clown bear - well for a little while anyway!

This is Jonty....

He is 8" (20cm) tall to the top of his head and 9" (22.5cm) to the top of his hat. Jonty's head and paws are made from sparse and aged beige mohair and his body is hand dyed silk which is a lovely teal green colour.
Jonty has beige wool felt paw pads, amber glass eyes and a light blue embroidered nose which is outlined in dark brown.

Jonty has a pale blue and white frilled collar which matches his nose colour. He is also has blue and yellow buttons on his tummy and on his hat and a curled yellow feather in his hat. This photo shows the stitching at Jonty's eyes which add to his clown appearance.  SORRY JONTY IS SOLD

Jonty can be seen at the Winter Bearfest 2014 on 23rd February- see link on the right

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