Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Year - New Bears

Here is a new bear that I've been working on....

She's called Zara and is a new design. She has long slightly bent arms and flexible "hands" that make her very easy to pose! She is made from mohair which has a pinky/cream coloured base and darker pink tips and is shown in this picture with her paws in her lap.

Zara has dark amber glass eyes and a dark brown embroidered nose. Her paw pads and muzzle are the creamy base colour of the mohair (with the pink tips trimmed off) and I have given her brown embroidered claws since taking this photo. This picture shows her resting back with both paws behind her.

And this is my favourite pose!! Zara is 9.5" (24cm) tall up to the tips of her ears.

Here is Zara posing with her new pals Rafael and Sixpence.

These new bears and many more will be at the Hugglets Winter Bearfest on 23rd February
For more information on this super event held in Kensington Town Hall in London, just click the link on the right.   See you there....

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