Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I'm really enjoying the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia! Lots of TV coverage here in the UK so something to take our minds off all the rain that we're having lately!!

Here's my little Olympic bear, called Sochi - what else!

Sochi is made from white matted effect mohair with beige foot pads and has a beige, sparse mohair face. He has little black glass eyes and a brown hand embroidered nose which is outlined in black. Sochi is 4.75" (12cm) tall

This side view of Sochi shows off his white hand knitted woolly hat which has a knotted tassel on the top. That should keep him warm in the snow!   SORRY SOCHI IS NOW SOLD

See Sochi at the Winter Bearfest on 23rd February - click the link on the right for lots more info on this show.

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