Wednesday, 26 March 2014


You will be pleased to know that at last I have made some new bears!!
The weather here in Kent has been sunny and very warm recently after so much rain earlier in the year and I was very reluctant to sit indoors sewing! Back to normal now though, very cold, wet (again) and windy - so here I am cutting out and sewing up...

Here are my latest offerings....

 This is Ben and he is a very traditional bear. He is made from lovely soft, light golden brown, straight pile mohair with matching ultrasuede paw pads.Ben is 9.5" (24cm) tall and has dark amber glass eyes and a dark brown embroidered nose.

Next comes Jamie.....

Little Jamie is almost 8" (20cm) tall and is made from beautifully soft feeling short pile mohair with peach coloured fur tipped with brown. He has matching peach coloured faux cashmere paw pads.

Jamie has a black embroidered nose, dark amber glass eyes with subtle shading and his muzzle has been lightly trimmed to show the peachy under-fur.

And lastly, for now anyway, is Poppy

Poppy is a 4.75" (12cm) tall red bear, though not quite as bright as the camera shows her here! She is made from mohair and has toning foot pads in a red striped upholstery fabric. She has black glass eyes and a dark brown embroidered nose.

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