Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Here are my latest little elephants Geranium and Petal -

Geranium, on the left is the colour of...well, a geranium flower and has a wider shaped face and lower placed ears than little pure white petal.

 GERANIUM is made from short, spiky pile hand dyed mohair in a lovely coral shade. She has tea dyed calico fabric lining her ears and for her foot pads. She is 5" (12.5cm) tall.

Geranium has tiny black glass eyes with eye whites and wears a floral ribbon tied in a bow around her head.

PETAL is a little 4.75" (12cm) ellie made from white very short pile Japanese silk which has been lightly shaded around her eyes and feet and down her trunk. Petal has white wool felt foot pads which have been machine embroidered, tiny black glass eyes and is wearing an orange ribbon tied in a bow around her head.

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