Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Summer News

Sorry I haven't put any new bear photos on for while but I have been busy building doll's houses!
During the summer my sister and I have put together 2 for birthday presents for my eldest two granddaughters.

Here is the most recent one - a thirties style detached residence! It has opening panels on the sides as well as the front opening.
View into the front before Leah filled it with stuff!
One of the sides with the removable panel attached with magnets.....
...and the same side with the panel taken off showing the hall, upstairs landing and the fitted kitchen!!! Oh and it has working lights in all the rooms, you can just about see lampshades on the landing and bedroom ceilings. It also has a loft hatch visible on the landing ceiling with access to the attic - one panel of the roof also lifts off so the whole attic space is available!

This is the other house in transit....just fitted into the back of the car. This one is a 4 storey Georgian style town house with lots of rooms and staircases....

...and here it is with some or the furniture in and the lights on! Not soo many photos of this one as my camera ran out of charge - whoops!

Needless to say the girls love them!!

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