Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mavis Enderby

As promised I have made a bear called Mavis Enderby! This was the name of a little village in Lincolnshire that we had to visit whilst on holiday just because it's such a lovely name. It made me think of a lovely, cheerful, girly bear.
So here she is.....

She is a sister for Damson, I re-dyed the mohair left over from making Damson so it is a darker shade of pinky brown. Mavis is 10.5" (26cm) to the tips of her ears. She has dark amber brown glass eyes, a dark brown hand embroidered nose and shaped foot pads. Mavis has an open mouth and is wearing a necklace of pink beads.

She will be making an appearance at The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event on 16th November
Come along and see her, she's smiling already!!

For more info on this show just click the logo on the right....

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