Sunday, 19 October 2014


I have been busy this week and as well as Mavis I have made a panda called Merlin.....

Merlin is made from hand dyed sparse mohair in white and soft grey. His paw pads are made from the mohair backing and he has black glass eyes with grey shading. Merlin has a very dark blue hand embroidered nose and a stitched cross for his belly button! He is 9.75" (25cm) tall.

Merlin will be on my table at The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event in Sheffield on Sunday 16th November.

Merlin has now found his new home!

It's the 5th birthday of this super show so come along and join in the celebrations and maybe pick up an early bear shaped Christmas pressie for yourself (or even two!)

A lot of the bear makers donate a bear or a bear related item, to the charity raffle that Katherine (the show organiser) holds each year, so have a go - who knows it could be your lucky day!

More info on the show website - click the link on the right.......

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