Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wet Holiday!

We have just spent a very wet week in Lincolnshire! We stayed in a lovely little National Trust cottage named Orchard Cottage in the grounds of Gunby Hall and there really was an apple orchard for a front garden!!

 I took this photo on the sunny day!! But despite the weather we had a good time - it's nice just to have different surroundings isn't it?

The gardens were lovely with their Autumn colours and lots of flowers still blooming.

and this surely means Autumn is well under way.....

We had a welcome visitor most days... Craig also known as M'Lord

He looks a bit cross in this pic but he was very friendly and huge!  He was a Norwegian Forest Cat (no I've never heard of that either) He would sit outside the door meowing to be let in and quickly made himself at home. When it was time for him to go, he just lay down and rolled over... awwww he knew how to get round us!!

We visited Lincoln Cathedral.....

Tattershall Castle.....

Looks a bit out of perspective because it was so tall!!

Oh and of course Skegness, how could I forget.... good old Skeggie!!
Collected a few more nice shells and pebbles  - I've got a garden full already but can never have too many!!!!!

Went through a little village called Mavis Enderby - what a lovely name. I feel it's a good name for a girly bear....... watch this space.

Well home now and will have to get settled into some bear making as we have 2 more shows before Christmas -

The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event in Sheffield on November 16th and
The Great Brighton Teddy Bear Event in Hove (near Brighton) on December 7th

So maybe see you then.....

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