Saturday, 25 October 2014

Zelda the Happy Witch

Well Halloween is nearly here and with that in mind, here is my latest creation.......

Her name is Zelda the happy Witch, as you can see by her smile! She is 10" (25cm) tall to the tips of her ears, and 11" to the top of her little pointy witches hat. Zelda is made from short, very dark grey mohair with the backing fabric used for her paw pads. She has dark amber eyes with felt eye whites, a grey embroidered nose with sparkly silver highlights, outlined in black for definition and an open mouth with a little pink tongue!
Zelda is wearing a little witches hat made from black wool felt with a tiny green frog balancing on the brim and a sheer black shawl with sparkly dots and a "diamond" pin. And behind her you can see her broom all ready for a quick zoom across the sky....

Whoops sorry about the creased background paper!!!

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