Friday, 14 November 2014

Sheffield Here We Come!

Watch out Sheffield it's almost time for the 5th Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event at the Sheffield Hilton Hotel! There will be lots of lovely bears, all shapes, sizes and colours to be found - so why not come along and join in the celebrations??

Here are a few more bears that will be on the Mabledon Road Bears table on Sunday......

This is Red Ted and, as his name suggests he is very red! He is made from hand dyed mohair with brown foot pads, black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose and smiley mouth. He is 5" (12.5cm) tall.
Red Ted is wearing his knitted scarf so he won't get cold on his long journey up to Sheffield!!

These two can't wait to get in the car!!

Here are Anton and Otto....
Anton on the left is made soft peachy colour mohair tipped with brown and he is 8" (20cm) tall.

Anton has peach coloured paw pads, dark amber glass eyes and a brown embroidered nose. His muzzle has been trimmed to show the peach under fur.
He is all ready for Christmas with his red spotty ribbon bow and red gingham stars around hie neck.

Anton found a new home at the Sheffield show

And here is his little friend, Otto...

Otto is also 8" tall and is made from hand dyed reddish brown mohair with rusty brown coloured paw pads. Otto has amber glass eyes with eye whites and shading and a brown embroidered nose. Like Anton, Otto is waiting patiently for Christmas with his red neck bow and sparkly snowflakes!

Otto is now very happy in his new home!

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