Monday, 3 November 2014

Winter Woollies!

This seasons new bear collection is called Winter Woollies and here are a few of them all ready to travel up to Sheffield on Sunday 16th November for the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event.
This year is the shows 5th birthday, so come along and join in the celebrations...

Meet Chocolate, Clover and Scrap.

Chocolate is 4.5" (11cm) tall and is made from hand dyed chocolate brown mohair with matching foot pads.

He has black glass eyes, a brown embroidered nose outlined in black for definition and a cheeky little smile! He is wearing his favourite pink and orange hand knitted scarf so he won't get chilly.  Come and see  Chocolate and his friends at The Hilton Hotel Sheffield - the show is less than 2 weeks away so start planning your journey right away!!

Chocolate now has a new home

Next is Clover...

Clover is also 4.5" (11cm) tall and is made from pinky lilac coloured mohair with a brown backing and has brown foot pads. She has black glass eyes, a dark blue embroidered nose and a smiley mouth! Like Chocolate, Clover is all wrapped up in her multi coloured knitted scarf.

And lastly, although I expect I still have time to complete a few more before the show....

This is Scrap

 So called because he is made from just a scrap of sparse pale gold mohair and is just under 4.5" tall! He has toning wool felt foot pads, a dark brown embroidered nose outlined in black and like his friends above he has a little smile and a colourful knitted scarf.

Come along to the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event on Sunday 16th November to see these bears and lots more!!

Treat yourself to an early Christmas pressie!!

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