Monday, 19 January 2015

First Bears of 2015

Here are my newest bears for 2015......

Meet Ronnie and Shaun - surely they must be brothers??
They are both made from very sparse, short, dark brown mohair with toning paw pads - although in different colours as you can see from the photo above. Both have sparse, worn looking black embroidered noses. They are both wearing hand knitted scarves in shades of blue and both have "mending stitches" which enhance their old appearance. Both bears also have claws stitched in very fine black thread.

This is Ronnie showing his dark amber glass eyes and eye whites, "mending" stitches on his feet and tummy and worn out embroidered nose. you can also see the claw stitching in this picture....

.....and this is brother Shaun who has black glass eyes. Both bears are 7.75" (19.5cm) tall and they have been made to look a little bit grubby on the paws and feet, tummy and face, again just to enhance their old appearance.

And this is my latest open mouthed bear - Benjamin

Hello Benjamin! 
Benjamin is 10" (25cm) tall and is made from gingery /orange hand dyed Japanese silk.
He has toning paw pads and shaped foot pads, dark amber glass eyes with shading around and a dark brown embroidered nose.

Benjamin is wearing his hand knitted woolly scarf  with pom-poms in shades of bright blue. Maybe he has heard that it may snow soon....?

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