Saturday, 31 January 2015

Winter Bearfest Preview

I am working towards the Winter Bearfest at the moment and here are a few new bears all ready for the show.......

First one is Pedro the blue clown bear. He is 9" (23cm) tall to the top of his hat and just 8" (20cm) to the top of his head. Pedro is made from blue hand dyed Japanese silk plush with the same fabric, undyed, for his head. His paw pad fabric has also been dyed to be a perfect match!
Pedro has black glass eyes and a blue embroidered nose which I have outlined in black for definition. He is finished with a matching conical hat topped with a black feather, a grey ruffled ribbon printed with silver stars around his neck and two silver and black coloured buttons on his tummy. Below is a close up view of Pedro's face.

Lucky Pedro now has a new home!

Next up are two little bears made from hand dyed viscose. I have only used viscose a couple of times before and this is the first time I have dyed it! The resulting two shades of brown are quite nice, and the viscose fabric is lovely and soft to the touch!

These two little cuties measure just 4.75" (12cm) tall. They are made to look like scruffy, little old well loved bears and so are loosely jointed with tiny black glass eyes and worn out looking stitched black noses. I haven't thought of names for these two yet, but will add them when I do!

Whilst dying the above viscose, I threw in a small piece of silk plush and here is the result....

This bear - as yet unnamed, is 8.5" (26cm) tall, made from hand dyed silk with toning paw pads. He has dark amber glass eyes with subtle shading around and a dark brown embroidered nose.

He has quite a sad little face - he needs a forever home and is hoping to find one at the Hugglets Winter Bearfest on Sunday 22nd February at Kensington Town Hall London.

Come along and see him, and more! We are downstairs in Hall 3 as usual - in our now permanent spot - stand  101a     (that's in the little cupboard at the side in Hall 3!!)

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