Wednesday, 11 February 2015

More Clowns!

Here are my latest clown style bears......

This is Roberto and he is 10.5" (27cm) tall to the top of his head and 12" (30cm) when wearing his hat. He is made from yellow and red hand dyed silk plush with matching ultasuede paw pads and his head is the same fabric but undyed. Roberto has black glass eyes and a bright red embroidered nose which has been outlined in black for definition. He has embroidered claws in the opposite colours on his hands and feet and has little buttons on his tummy, again in the opposite colours. Roberto also has a red and yellow hat with more little buttons and a yellow feather, a red ribbon ruff and a brass coloured clock charm on a red ribbon around his neck.

Close up view showing Roberto's embroidered red nose!

Lucky Roberto is now living in Essex with his little friend Pedro

And here is a smaller mohair version.....

This is Pablo and he is 8.5" (21cm) tall to the top of his head, 9.5" (24cm) to the top of his hat and his feather is another inch taller!! He is made from green and orange hand dyed mohair with matching wool felt paw pads with his head made from the same mohair, undyed. Pablo has black glass eyes and an orangey brown embroidered nose outlined in black. He has a green pointed hat with a large curled orange feather, an orange ribbon ruff around his neck and a decorative green button on his tummy.

Close up view of Pablo's face.

Come along to the Hugglets Winter Bearfest on 22nd February to see Pablo and Roberto "in the fur"
For more details on this super event, just click the Hugglets link on the right......see you there!

Pablo found his new home at The Winter Bearfest

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