Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event Springfest

Here are a few new bears all ready to travel up to Sheffield next week.....

Three new bears posing for their first photo! Not all of them have names yet, so I will update when I have thought of some!!

This is little Aimee. She is a clown style bear made from hand dyed viscose in two shades of pale pink with a white viscose head, pale pink cotton fabric foot pads and tiny black glass eyes. She has a brown embroidered nose and smiley mouth!  Aim has pale pink pearl beads on her tummy and on her matching hat. She is 5.5" (14cm)tall to the top of her hat and 4.5" (11cm) to the top of her head. The hat is removable and has elastic to hold it on.

More viscose, and nameless at the moment....

This little chap is made from hand dyed viscose in a grey/ brown colour mix which gives him an aged appearance. He has matching cotton foot pads, tiny black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose. He is 5" (12cm) tall and will be named soon!!

UPDATE....I have named this little chap Pebble and given him a button to wear around his neck!

And lastly for now is a panda style bear...also with no name!

This panda is made from black and white mohair with black suedette paw pads. He has slightly bent legs, a black embroidered nose and black glass eyes with black shading which I have smudged lightly up over the top of his nose - just to make him look a bit different! He is just over 8" (20cm) tall.

There is still a few days to go until the show at the Sheffield Hilton Hotel so hopefully I shall be putting more photos here soon!

For more details of The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event Springfest just click on the link.
We will be in our usual spot in the foyer by the bar.
Don't forget the date - Sunday 17th May .......See you there

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