Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Few More Bears

Here are a few more newish bears that you may not have seen yet as I have been a bit lazy and not updated much lately!! Sorry.

This is Master Stanley who won 1st prize at the recent Teddy Bear Artist Event in Stratford-upon - Avon. The category was "Prim and Proper" and I was very pleased to win as there were some super entries!
Master Stanley is made from gingery brown felted mohair with toning paw pads and footpads in a brown stripy upholstery fabric. He has black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose. Master Stanley is wearing a white cotton fabric wing collar and a blue spotted bow tie, making him look very prim and proper!! He is 10" (25cm) tall.

And here is Master Stanley's alter ego, Saturday Night Stan!! He was also entered in the competition in the category "Wild and Wacky" but unfortunately he didn't win.
Saturday Night Stan is made from the same gingery brown felted mohair as Master Stanley for his head, hands and feet. His body, arms, legs and hat are made using hand dyed silk in soft pale yellow and light blue. He has black glass eyes and a light blue embroidered nose. Stan also has blue and yellow buttons on his tummy, a yellow ribbon ruff and a gold coloured bell around his neck and a big curled feather in his hat! Stan is 10" (25cm) tall.

Master Stanley and his alter ego Saturday Night Stan!

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