Tuesday, 7 July 2015

July Update

Hello everyone, I hope you have all been enjoying the VERY hot weather we have experienced recently?? Or are you like me and can't stand the heat, flake out and eat lots of ice cream??

Anyway it's now Wimbledon time once again and needless to say the weather has changed!! Much more comfortable though, well for me anyway.

I am today updating the Available Bears Page - about time I hear you all saying - and here is a little teaser.....

This is Butterscotch. He is 10" (25cm) tall and made from light brown mohair with faux cashmere in a toning shade for his paw pads and foot pads. He has dark amber glass eyes, and a black embroidered nose. Butterscotch is wearing an old key on a black leather string around his neck.

This is Smudge and he is 8" (20cm) tall. Smudge is made from a beautifully soft alpaca in a creamy beige colour. He has black glass eyes with light shading around, a dark brown embroidered nose and a shiny button on a thread around his neck.

The next bear is Flynn. Flynn is made from hand dyed viscose in a mottled grey shade that makes him look old and scruffy. He has cotton fabric foot pads that were dyed with the viscose so they match perfectly and is loosely jointed to further enhance his old appearance. He is 7" (17.5cm) tall, with black glass eyes, a worn looking embroidered grey nose and a silver coloured heart on a grey ribbon around his neck.

Next comes another scruffy little bear. This is Rowntree and he is made from hand dyed viscose in a lovely soft milk chocolate brown colour. Rowntree has black glass eyes, a black embroidered nose and light shading to his muzzle. He is 7" (17.5cm) tall and is wearing a wooden heart button on a thread around his neck.

Last for now is Felix. He is made from peach coloured mohair with dark brown tips and has toning peachy/orange suedette paw pads and foot pads. Felix is 8.75" (22cm) tall and has bent legs which give him a young cub look. He has black glass eyes with felt eye whites and shading, a black embroidered nose and a wooden heart button around his neck.

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