Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Autumn Hues

 Autumn colours are starting to appear here in Kent in the UK and feeling inspired I've been dyeing lots of mohair!! Lovely rusts, oranges and browns all ready to start sewing for the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event on Sunday 15th November.
As always this super show is being held in the Sheffield Hilton Hotel and there will be lots of lovely bears looking for new homes just in time for Christmas
Come along and have a lovely day out!

For more information on the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event just click the link.....

Keep watching as I will be adding photos of the new bears just as soon as I can make them!!

I made these two over the weekend while I was waiting for the freshly dyed mohair (above) to dry..

The little brown bear on the right is called Nutmeg and he is 4.5" (11cm) tall. He is made from light brown spiky mohair with black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose. He is wearing a hand   knitted hat in shades of purple and blue with a little gold bell!
On the left is Pumpkin. He is 5" (12.5cm) tall and is made from hand dyed yellowy/orange mohair with black glass eyes and a brown embroidered nose. Pumpkin also has a knitted hat, this time in shades of green with a little gold bell.

More coming soon....

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