Tuesday, 10 November 2015

More Snow??

As promised, here are Drift's snowy friends....meet Blizzard and Flurry.

This is Blizzard and he is looking a little startled in this photo, like the camera took him by surprise!!  Like Drift, he is 10"(25cm) tall and made from winter white alpaca with matching wool felt paw and foot pads. Blizzard has dark amber glass eyes with brown shading and an embroidered nose. He is wearing a hand knitted scarf in shades of blue with a gold coloured Christmas tree and star charms attached.

                                Blizzard now has a new home just in time for Christmas!

And finally this is Flurry. Like the others he is 10" (25cm) tall and made from winter white alpaca with wool felt paw pads. Flurry has blue glass eyes with shading and a black embroidered nose. Flurry is wearing his hand knitted, blue woolly scarf with snowflake and heart charms.
Flurry, Blizzard and Drift are all ready for their long drive up to Sheffield on Sunday, I just hope the weather is dry!! Though I wouldn't mind a little snow!

For more info on the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event just click the link on the right.....

Come along and see the bears, you'll have a great day.......see you there!

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