Available Bears

 If you are interested in adopting any of these bears or would like any more details, please email me at  mabledonroadbears@gmail.com  or via the contact form on the left..

Newly adopted bears can be collected at any show I am attending or can be posted. Postage details can be found on the Give a Bear a Home page.

If you would like more photos or more information on any of the bears shown below, just email me....

I am taking a break from bear making at the moment

This is Master Stanley's alter ego, Saturday Night Stan! I have used the same gingery brown felted mohair for his head, hands and feet as I made Master Stanley with. His body, arms, legs and hat are all made from hand dyed silk in a soft pale yellow and light blue. Stan has a matching light blue embroidered nose and black glass eyes. He also has yellow and blue buttons on his tummy, a yellow ribbon ruff and a gold coloured bell around hie neck and a big curled yellow feather in his hat!

Saturday Night Stan now has a new home

This is Butterscotch. He 10" (25cm) tall and made from light brown mohair with toning faux cashmere paw pads and foot pads. Butterscotch has dark amber glass eyes, a black embroidered nose and wears an old key around his neck.

Butterscotch has now been adopted

This little bear is called Flynn. He is 7" (17.5cm) tall and is made from hand dyed viscose in a smudgy mottled grey colour. His cotton fabric foot pads were hand dyed with the viscose so they match perfectly. Flynn looks old and scruffy and to further enhance this look, he is loosely jointed and has a worn looking embroidered grey nose and little black glass eyes.
Flynn is wearing a silver coloured heart on a grey ribbon around his neck.

Flynn is now happy in his new home

Felix would love to have a new forever home....he is 8.75" (22cm) tall and is made from peach coloured mohair with dark brown tips and has toning peachy/orange suedette paw pads and foot pads. Felix has black glass eyes with felt eye whites and light shading and a black embroidered nose. Felix is wearing a wooden heart button around his neck.

Felix now has a new home